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♡ It's a LUCKY DIP! Waaaa! ♡

Who doesn't love a little surprise... I used to love the lucky dips at my local Granny Mays back in the day! (For anyone who doesn't know what Granny Mays was - it doesn't exist anymore but it was this awesome gift/joke/toy/wonder store in the 90s! Google it!
So in honour of my fond memories for 90s lucky dips, I wanted to pass on the thrill of getting a completely random surprise treat!
All Lucky Dip orders receive a randomly selected pair of earrings, valued at a minimum of $35. Stock may be samples, one-offs or extra leftover stock but it will never be 'seconds' and will always be the same high quality as all other Shibuya Moon pieces. It's the luck of the draw what you'll end up with, but that's all part of the fun isn't it?! Could be hoops or studs, but if you have stretched ears and can't wear studs, just leave me a little note at checkout and I'll pop them on hoops for you! Otherwise, it'll be a random select! How FUN!!! ♡♡♡

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